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LASIK Eye Surgery Fees, Payment Plans and Financing Options

Based on your LASIK consultation, you will decide with your LASIK surgeon which procedure is best for you. That procedure will be discussed with you in detail so that you understand what to expect at each step of the LASIK experience. Time will then be taken with you to answer any questions that you may have. After you decide to undergo LASIK Eye Surgery, the other preliminary steps remaining will be to have you sign an informed consent form and arrange for payment of the procedure. The cost of LASIK may vary from $1,500 to $3,000 per eye, depending on the procedure, your area of the country, the type of equipment used, the experience of your surgeon, and whether follow-up care and enhancement (retreatment) procedures are included.

The most commonly used payment options for LASIK include:

Cash or Check

For a great number of patients, this is not an affordable method of payment and so they choose other more convenient methods of payment.

Credit Cards

A great number of patients elect to use a credit card to pay for their Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Credit card companies often market promotional interest rates which can include zero % interest for many customers. In fact, you probably have received a number of offers for these introductory rates without even asking for them. Most practices take Visa, MasterCard. American Express cards as payment for LASIK. Credit cards offer the advantage of being able to arrange your own payment schedule. In addition, credit cards often offer points or miles when you use them. This is an added benefit!

Flex Plans

Your company may be able to help you pay for LASIK!

Many companies have implemented benefit options that make elective surgeries such as LASIK an affordable alternative. These insurance programs are referred to as Flex Plans, Cafeteria Plans or Alternative Health Plans. They allow you to withhold a defined amount of Pretax Dollars through Payroll Deduction to pay for your LASIK procedure. Generally employees should first find out if they are a good LASIK candidate, then decide which procedure they are planning to have and relay this to their employer so that the proper amount of money can be withheld through payroll deduction. You can contact your human resources office to find out when your company's enrollment period begins and then schedule a LASIK consultation.

Affordable Easy Payment Plans

These plans are very flexible and convenient. They can be arranged over many different payment terms and have many different interest rate programs. For example, in most instances it is possible to select a particular monthly payment amount that can fit into your budget comfortably. Many patients like this option because it helps them budget their monthly expenses easily. Another very popular  payment plan option that many patients find attractive is "No Money Down" which as the name indicates, requires no payment whatsoever in order to have your LASIK procedure today. This is a convenient way for those considering LASIK, to have their LASIK surgery right away without being concerned about having a great deal of cash available immediately.

These are convenient and easy to use. Be sure to discuss these plans with the Refractive Surgery Coordinator and as with any payment plan be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions for your payments.

Each practice strives to make LASIK Eye Surgery affordable. They are happy to find an option that can fit into your budget. The Comprehensive Fee will be dependent on which treatment option is best for you. Also, your Comprehensive Fee will depend upon your individual insurance, which may or not apply to LASIK, in conjunction with any employer benefits which apply. You should contact the practice of your choice directly and they will be glad to determine the exact comprehensive fee for your particular needs and insurance coverage.

Insurance Benefits

In general most insurances DO NOT cover LASIK. However, there are some companies that may have plans offer a defined benefit to certain participants. These benefit plans typically fall into two main types for LASIK. The first type is called and Indemnity Plan in which the employer or the insurance company actually pays the LASIK surgeon a portion of the usual and customary fee. Depending on the exact nature of the provider arrangement with the insurance company, you may not be required to pay anything additional or may have to pay a small co-payment. An Indemnity Plan is the best LASIK insurance your employer can offer because it allows you to receive comprehensive LASIK care at little or no out of pocket cost. A second type of plan your employer or insurance can offer is a called a Discounted Fee For Service Plan. In this type of plan, either your employer or the insurance company has required the LASIK surgeon to accept a significantly discounted fee directly from you. Sometimes this can be as little as 50% of the usual and customary fee that the LASIK surgeon will receive. While you might think this is a great benefit, most LASIK patients do not realize that when a LASIK surgeon is forced to cut fees to this extent, it is impossible to provide you with the same comprehensive care that is required for best results-regardless of what the insurance company or your employer tell you. Patients are rarely able to understand where corners have been cut when the LASIK surgeon is required to cut 50% of their fee. It can be in the area of minimizing post operative care, charging additional fees for enhancements and many other add on fees that most patients will not identify up front. However, the insurance company will do its best to assure you that you are getting comparable care. You should be highly suspicious of any Discounted Fee For Service Plan that requires the LASIK surgeon to discount their fee by more than 15-20% of the usual and customary fee.

Your comprehensive fee will typically include:

  • Your initial consultation.
  • Your comprehensive examination including:
  • A measurement of your visual acuity with and without your current method of vision correction.
  • A complete health and eye history.
  • A complete assessment of your motivation and expectations for Laser Vision Correction.
  • A digital mapping of the shape of your cornea.
  • Measurement of your prescription (refraction).
  • Microscopic evaluation of the health and integrity of the front of your eye, the cornea.
  • Measurement of the Thickness of Your Cornea
  • Evaluation of Your Tear Film for Dry Eyes   
  • Assessment of the health of the retina and optic nerve.
  • Consultation and discussion about your treatment options.
  • Your Treatment
  • ALL follow-up visits for 12 months

The Practice of your choice will offer many different payment options including:

  • Payment by personal credit card, such as MasterCard, or Visa
  • Payment by personal check or with cash.
  • We may honor many insurance and Corporate benefit fee schedules, please ask to see if you qualify.
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
LASIK Surgery is performed by LASIK Surgeons in the following cities:
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LASIK Bergen CountyLASIK BirminghamLASIK BostonLASIK BridgeportLASIK Chicago
LASIK CincinnatiLASIK ColumbiaLASIK ColumbusLASIK CoronaLASIK Dallas
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LASIK Santa BarbaraLASIK Sioux FallsLASIK SpringfieldLASIK St PaulLASIK Stamford Greenwich
LASIK Suffolk CountyLASIK TauntonLASIK TroyLASIK TucsonLASIK Tuscaloosa
LASIK ValparaisoLASIK VenturaLASIK VinelandLASIK WarwickLASIK West Palm Beach
LASIK WestfieldLASIK WestportLASIK WichitaLASIK Worcester

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